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Art Lifting

There is now a procedure that not only lifts and tightens loose tissues but also initiates the skin’s rejuvenating and regenerative processes.

Dr. Csernus was the first in Hungary to use PDO-based fine-thread contouring, which she recommended complementing with lifting barbed threads for perfect results. Fine Thread Contouring, also known as fine-thread facial contouring, involves placing various sizes and shapes of absorbable threads into the appropriate depth of the skin tissue. These threads enhance tissue firmness, provide support, and stimulate the production of new collagen fibers.

As a further development of the procedure, cog threads equipped with small barbs, which can literally grip the tissues with tiny hooks and lift them, have been introduced. This effect can be further enhanced with the Art Lifting, the latest procedure in the world using absorbable threads. Art Lifting is truly different, unique, and offers enormous possibilities for dermatologists and plastic surgeons.

Although the intervention is more significant than the FTC, it can still be performed without general anesthesia, using local anesthesia. The threads are stronger than before, and each type of thread contains those miraculous small “claws” in greater numbers and unique designs.

As a result, the lifting effect is even more significant than before, and the implanted threads are maximally secured. During the procedure, interventions are carried out in the midface (where necessary, addressing nasolabial folds, cheeks, and the jawline), the brow area (lifting the eyebrows), and the neck.

Before the procedure, photographs are taken. The treated area needs to be thoroughly disinfected, and if the face or eyebrows are lifted, the scalp is also sterilized. This takes about half an hour.

The procedure is always performed with local anesthesia, administered by the doctor through several injections. A special substance is mixed with the anesthetic to minimize the risk of bleeding.

The prepared threads are introduced through the scalp using a cannula. The cannulas are removed, and the threads are adjusted to their final positions.

The approximately one-and-a-half-hour procedure (one hour for eyebrows and neck) has an immediate and natural-looking effect. The change can be better defined with photos taken before and after the treatment.

Prepare for swelling due to the procedure, which mostly subsides within 1-2 days. After the intervention, it is advisable to sleep with an elevated pillow, avoid wide opening of the mouth, and refrain from exercising. The threads “integrate” within about two weeks, and any discomfort usually disappears.

The effect is long-lasting, lasting up to 2 years. A follow-up visit is recommended at the time indicated by the doctor after the intervention.

How to prepare for the procedure: Any blood-thinning agents increase the risk of bleeding, so it’s advisable to stop using them a week before the appointment. If you have any systemic diseases, are pregnant, breastfeeding, prone to keloid scar formation, sensitive to lidocaine, taking any medications, you need to inform your doctor. It is also necessary to know if you have undergone any aesthetic procedures in the past year, if there are any previous implants, fillers, or thread insertions in the treated area.

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