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She graduated from the Faculty of General Medicine of Semmelweis University in Budapest and obtained her medical degree within the accredited specialist training in Budapest. During her residency training, she worked for several years in the dermatology department of St. Stephen’s Hospital in Budapest, the dermatology department of AEK, the Dermatology Clinic of Semmelweis University, the dermatology department of Heim Pál Children’s Hospital.


  • Magyar Dermatológiai Társaság
  • Magyar STD tagság
  • Magyar Magánbőrgyógyászok Közhasznú Egyesülete (MMKE)
  • Mok (Magyar Orvosi Kamara)
  • American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine
  • Brit GMC és Dubai DHCC regisztrált orvos


Dr Phillips aims to make her patients feel confident in their own skin. She brings knowledge, experience and love to every patient or guest she encounters, whether it is a general dermatological or aesthetic problem. With exceptional attention to detail, she helps her patients choose the skincare products they need every day. She also tries to share her skin care advice in magazines, on TV programmes and to give insights into skin diseases, in order to make the proper care and maintenance of our skin as widely accepted as possible.


Dr. Pál Koltai Head and Neck Surgeon. Since 1998 he has been a staff member of the Head and Neck Surgery Department of the National Institute of Oncology.
Since 2010 he has been working as an adjunct professor and completed his PhD.
He is also board certified in otolaryngology and clinical oncology.
His primary interests include dermatological surgery of the head and neck, from simple excision to complex plastic reconstructions.


Dr Pál Koltai is a member of a dynasty of doctors. Not the last, as his daughter is also a student at SOTE. Her love for this profession can be traced back to her great-grandfather. Her great-grandmother was Hungary’s first female surgeon, and she fought for her place and the respect of her male colleagues, so dedicated and determined was she to this career. When I asked her what should be on the website about her, she replied.
Laser and flash light treatments
Laser and flash light treatments
This treatment is one of the most effective, versatile and spectacular methods of facial rejuvenation.
Our products for beautiful skin
Our products for beautiful skin
With exceptional care, we help our patients choose everyday skin care products.
Acne skin, acne scars
Acne skin, acne scars
Laser removal of acne scars is a precise and gentle skin rejuvenation procedure.
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