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Pollogen Divine Pro treatment

The Pollogen Divine Pro machine is a tabletop facial treatment device that combines two technologies: RFF micro-needling and RFF surface renewal technologies.
The advantages of radiofrequency technology are that it is effective, safe, and provides immediate results.

How does the treatment work?

We create controlled inflammation in the surface and deep layers of the skin by simultaneously heating them with the controlled treatment head, ensuring the desired results. The depth of penetration is regulated and only affects the treated area.

How long does the treatment’s effect last?

Immediate results: Collagen fibers contract, and the skin’s tightness is immediately felt.

Long-term results: Enhanced fibroblasts, metabolic collagen remodeling for firmer and denser skin.

To achieve lasting results, the treatment should be repeated 3-4 times with monthly intervals. Afterward, it is recommended to perform maintenance treatments every 6-12 months to preserve the results.

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